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Объявления выпускникам

Dear Colleague,

Help your students and alumni fast track their job search for opportunities both at home and abroad. Used by more than 500 university career centers, Going Global is an anytime, anywhere online resource developed by our in-country experts.

Whether your student’s next stop is Brisbane, Buenos Aires, or Boston, Going Global provides:

  • Constantly updated guides for 80 locations across the globe include: work permit/visa regulations, cultural and interviewing advice, professional and social networks, resume writing/CV guidelines, employment trends and cost of living information.
  • Robust H1B search engine contains all US Department of Labor visa applications and can be queried by occupation, location and employer.
  • 16 million-plus worldwide internship and job listings that are updated daily and searchable in both the local language and English.

Join me for an online demonstration and receive free trial access for 7 days to our entire database – plus be eligible for subscription discounts. Upcoming demos are scheduled for May 22, June 7, and 28. For further information, contact us at or call 1.800.989.1190



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