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International office -НИЯК
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Лингвистика (бакалавриат)
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Зарубежное регионоведение (бакалавриат)
Основные сведения
Структура и органы управления образовательной организацией
Образовательные стандарты
Руководство. Педагогический (научно-педагогический) состав
Материально-техническое обеспечение и оснащенность образовательного процесса
Стипендии и иные виды материальной поддержки
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International office


 Elena Y. Manucharova

Finance information

7 812 600 45 87





The International Office is open all year, except for New Year Holidays.   Monday to Friday, 9.00 am - 6.00 pm.












General information.
The Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture is a private non-commercial institution of the higher education. The Institute is located in the center of St. Petersburg in the Petrogradskaja district (a five minutes walk from the “Chkalovskaya” metro station and a 15 minutes walk from Krestovsky and Kamenny Islands. The islands have parks with tennis courts, stadiums, swimming-pools, running trails and wonderful places for picnics and walks) and in the Vasiliostrovsky district (a 15 minutes walk from the “Primorskaya metro station, on the bank of the pond (Galerny Harbor), next to the Finnish Gulf)
Foreign Languages:        Linguistics and Intercultural Communication
Translation and Theory of Translation
Public Relations:                             Communication and Public Relations
Regional Studies:             European Studies (major in CEE studies)
                                             Commonwealth of Independent States (major in Armenian studies)
Management                     International Management
Journalism                        International Journalism
Russian Studies:                              Term and Short Term Programs
Academic Departments:
German, French and Spanish
Finnish, Croatian, Czech
Linguistics and Translation
Russian as a Foreign Language
Regional Studies and Economics
Information Technologies
Gender Studies
Graduate Studies (aspirantura): PhD in Foreign Language
Testing Center
Test of Russian as a Foreign Language
Institutional TOEFL
History of foundation of the Nevsky Institute.
History of the Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture has a non-traditional beginning. Foreign students have been taught at the Educational Center since 1992. Methodological programs developed in the Center were appreciated by the Institutes of Great Britain, the USA, Sweden, etc. and only then in 1996 first Russian students was enrolled. Since that time about 150 foreign students and post-graduates study at the faculty of Russian Studies every year.  
1996 – was an official birth date of the Nevsky Institute. That was also a year when the first Russian students from different areas of Siberia entered the Institute. At the moment the Nevsky Institute is a school with about 600 students. Students from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Estonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Turkey, India, St. Petersburg, Moscow and from other parts of Russia, mainly from Siberia, study at our Departments.
During academic year about 150 foreign students from USA, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy study on different programs of the Institute.
Exchange students from USA, Finland, UK, Croatia, Holland, Czech Republic, Spain are spent their international semester with us.
               Our Institute gives a rich choice of Foreign languages Courses. One can study English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Finnish and other languages at our Institute. Preliminary Course of TOEFL is extremely popular among the students in our Institute.












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