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Learning environment 

All trainees pass a free online placement test prior to beginning of the course. Upon arrival to Saint Petersburg trainee gets allocated to the group of corresponding level, obtains schedule and syllabus. One group comprises 8-10 persons.  

The classes are held 20 hours per week. In addition to the general course trainee is free to choose additional consultations with language instructor on a specific subject. On a regular basis program participants pass interim tests aimed to monitor their current progress.  

On completion of the course each participant obtains NILC certificate indicating number of hours taken and marks on each aspect. If trainee is a student of foreign university, in addition he receives all necessary report documents on tuition at NILC in accordance with ECTS requirements. After the course trainee is assigned to pass a state exam TORFL.  

Within the course framework classes are held by experienced teaching staff from NILC and Saint PetersburgStateUniversity. Our language instructors develop their own teaching methods, prepare study guides and maintain active research.  

Parallel to tuition course participants can take part in a variety of extracurricular events, including meetings with Russian students, club trips, excursions in Saint Petersburg and its environs. A custom made program “Helping session” for foreign trainees deserves special attention, allowing tuition held by students majoring in “Teaching Russian a foreign language” (4 hours a week on an average). 

Visa support

Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture renders visa support to all foreign students arriving to the study programs. We will get the invitations for your visa prepared, will register your visa for your tuition period at NILC.

Submit an application form at our website, and we will send you an invitation by email. If you need inviation in the orignial, you will receive it by express mail within 3-5 day term. Invitations are usually ready in 2-4 weeks (for EU citizens), 5-6 weeks (for the citizens of other countries).

1. For the term of less than 90 days

This visa is non-extendable.

The fee for visa support is 1 440 rubles (45 USD*)

2. For the term of 90 days and more

Your invitation letter will be ready in 5-6 weeks. Upon that we will send you the original by express mail within 3-5 days. You visa will be valid for 90 days suitable for prolongation for the tuition period. To extend your visa, you will need to submit an application no later than 30 days prior the date of expiry.

The fee for visa support is 2 560 rubles (80 USD)

We strongly recommend you not to book airplane tickets until you receive your letter of invitation.  

* fees in USD are given for orientation only and are subject to adjustment according to the currency rate of Central Bank of Russia on the day of payment. 

Migration card

After crossing the Russian border you will need to fill in the migration card – a perforated document divided into 2 parts. You leave one part to the passport control officer as you cross the border, keeping the second one for registration and further exit of the Russian Federation. Upon arrival the passport control officer puts a stamp in your migration card. This stamp indicates your arrival date and required term for registration.

The blank form of a migration card can be obtained aboard airplane or in the airport at the passport control. On the day of your arrival or on the next working day you must file documents – your passport with visa and migration card – to the international office of NILC.

Please be aware that you need to keep the migration card for the whole period of your stay on the territory of the Russian Federation.   

Transfer services

Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture offers you transfer services from international airport “Pulkovo” to your place of residence in Saint Petersburg and back.

The fee for individual transfer is 1400 rubles (44 USD*) one-way from the airport, or 2800 rubles (88 USD) for round-trip transfer. Fee for group transfer (for groups over 10 persons) is 640 rubles (20 USD) one-way per person, or 1280 rubles (40 USD) for round-trip transfer.

To book the transfer from the airport, please inform us of your arrival, including date, time of arrival and your flight number.

Alternatively, you can reach the closest metro station “Moskovskaya” from Pulkovo airport by bus for approx. 1.50 USD.  

* fees in USD are given for orientation only and are subject to adjustment according to the currency rate of Central Bank of Russia on the day of payment.  

Accommodation in Saint Petersburg 

Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture offers foreign trainees accommodation in host families and in student dormitories of Saint Petersburg. Alternatively, we help our clients to rent a flat with respect to their preferences.  

Host family accommodation

Trainee gets a separate furnished room in a 2- or 3-room apartment where Russian family resides. The flat has all facilities: shower and WC, washing machine, access to Internet. All apartments are located in the historic center of Saint Petersburg, or near one of the central metro stations. Living in a host family provides the foreign guest a perfect opportunity to practice his Russian in everyday communicative situations with native speakers. Long-term experience of cooperation with families and constant quality control affords us to guarantee you safe accommodation, as well as amiability and hospitality of the host party. 


Fees for accommodation in a host family, per 1 day of stay:

with breakfast – 950 rubles (30 USD*);

with breakfast and evening meal – 1 150 rubles (36 USD) 

Accommodation in a student dormitory

Our partner dormitories are located at the following addresses:

- Galernaya ulitsa, 75 (“Benois house”);

- Basseinaya ulitsa, 8 (Interuniversity campus).  

Dormitory “Benois house” occupies a XIX-century building in the city center, within walking distance of the English embankment, St.Isaac Cathedral, monument “Bronze horseman” and other historic sights of Saint Petersburg. At Benois house students are offered furnished triple rooms with Internet access. Shower cabins and WC are located on the same floor, dormitory also has kitchens equipped with refrigerators, gas and microwave ovens. Entry is maintained through keycards, the building is under 24-hour security. Grocery store, coffee-houses and restaurants are located nearby.  

Interuniversity campus, a subordinate organization acting under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, is a largest center for student accommodation in Saint Petersburg. Students are offered stays in double, triple rooms or rooms for 4 with kitchen, showers and WC located on the same floor. The campus has all that student may need in his day-to-day routine: polyclinic, gyms with a swimming pool, self-service laundry, computer classes, canteens. The campus is located in Moskovsky district of Saint Petersburg, a 10-minute walking distance from nearest metro station, “Park Pobedy” and next to the student halls of Russian National Library. See photos and other details on campus website: http://msg-spb.ru (in Russian) 

Accommodation fees in the dormitories: 7 500 rubles per month of stay (235 USD). 

Apartments for rent

We cooperate with real estate agencies of Saint Petersburg that agree to offer our students apartments at reduced rates, with a 50% discount from the agency fee (under “agency fee” we imply a one-time charge which totals 100% of the monthly accommodation cost). Normally fee for accommodation in a 1-room flat varies from 20 000 (625 USD) to 30 000 rubles (940 USD), in a 2-room flat – from 40 000 rubles per month.  

* fees in USD are given for orientation only and are subject to adjustment according to the currency rate of Central Bank of Russia on the day of payment.


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